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Reno Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug Bust on I-80 or Aboard Amtrak? Put Experience on Your Side.

Situated right along the I-80 corridor that connects the east and west coast, Reno is heavily targeted by state and federal law enforcement officers. They vigorously investigate and prosecute high-level drug possession and drug trafficking charges (drug interdiction) along the I-80 corridor and in Reno's Amtrak station. If you are arrested for possession with intent or drug trafficking, you want an experienced and aggressive drug crime defense lawyer who can protect your rights and fight for a favorable outcome.

When you contact the Law Office of Arnold Brock, Jr. & Associates, you can have confidence knowing you have a seasoned Reno drug trafficking attorney on your side. Our law firm has relentlessly defended the rights of clients since 1986. We are known for our knowledge of the law, our dedication to clients and our representation in one of the largest drug trials in the United States' history.

Call 775-624-5846 or contact our law firm online to arrange a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. We handle drug charges for clients throughout Nevada as well as out-of-state clients who were charged in Nevada.

Strategic Defense in Nevada Drug Possession and Trafficking

A considerable amount of Nevada drug charges arise when an individual is pulled over along I-80 or another local highway. The cop may smell something in the car, have been tipped by unknown sources that the vehicle was transporting drugs or was part of a drug conspiracy, or have another reason to suspect there are drugs in the car. You and the car are searched, you are arrested and then are confronted with serious drug charges. Depending on the amount of illegal controlled substances (or illegally possessed prescription drugs) found in your possession, you could face charges for possession with intent to deliver, drug trafficking or other drug offenses. Our law firm handles high-profile drug litigation involving:

  • Possession with intent to deliver marijuana
  • Sale or distribution of cocaine, heroin or meth
  • Illegal trafficking of prescription drugs (prescription drug fraud)
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Other drug distribution or trafficking-related offenses

We also represent individuals who were arrested for drug trafficking or distribution at Burning Man.

Nevada is tougher on drug crime than any other state. Depending on the quantity of drugs confiscated, and whether additional charges such as drug conspiracy or illegal weapons possession were tacked onto the charge, you could be facing potential life imprisonment if convicted. When so much is at stake, you need an experienced and successful criminal defense trial lawyer.

At the Law Office of Arnold Brock, Jr. & Associates, we do everything necessary to protect your rights. We thoroughly examine the traffic stop to determine if there was reasonable suspicion to pull you over for any traffic matter. We investigate probable cause to search your vehicle. We identify if there are search and seizure violations that would warrant a motion to suppress the drug evidence from the trial record.

In some situations, we may explore opportunities to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in the charges. This can be extremely beneficial for some clients when the evidence is dominating the case and the risk for a lengthy prison sentence is extremely high. However, you can rest assured that before exploring these options, we will meticulously investigate your case, explore defense strategies and openly discuss your options as well as what to expect. This is your case. You make the decision as to whether you accept a plea arrangement or proceed to trial. While many lawyers will say they prepare for trial, we actually take drug cases to trial and are successful in doing so. We have the experience and commitment to represent your interests from arraignment through negotiations, trial and appeal.

Contact Our Reno and Carson City-Area Drug Possession Attorney

To arrange a free initial consultation, contact us via e-mail or call us at 775-624-5846. Our office is located in southwest Reno, near the corner of Moana and Lakeside, with plenty of free parking close by. We are available to meet with clients weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

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